What sets Jefferson Matthews apart from the other financial firms?

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Jefferson Matthews Mission Statement

The mission of Jefferson Matthews Wealth Solutions is to forge relationships with our clients and find the best solutions for their financial futures and goals. We are focused on each individual client and their specific needs seeking to ensure that we do what is best for them.

Helping people is our passion, our calling and financial wealth management is the vehicle that allows us to touch the lives of so many. We do not simply put things in place. No, we educate and prepare our clients to ensure their understanding and that they get the most out of this.

We want to work with our clients for life and continuously be there for them through finances and life. We want to encourage, educate and support wherever and however, we can while giving them the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens in their life we are here and their finances are being tended to and handled with the utmost care.

We sincerely want to see more and more people flourish financially, build a strong financial foundation and pass it on for generations. We are here to do the work, and we look forward to working for and with you!

About the Firm

At Jefferson Matthews Wealth Solutions our mission is to work with our clients to create the best solutions to meet their financial goals and secure their financial futures. We focus on the individual client and their specific needs to ensure that our plans are what is truly best for them.

We seek to find what works for both their immediate and long-term financial goals. We educate them about their finances as well as the plans that we put in place for them. Our goal is to earn the trust of our clients and work with them and their families for generations to come.

Philosophy and Approach

At Jefferson Matthews our goal is to assist our clients in finding the best products to suit their financial needs. There is no one size fits all solution to financial planning. Upon meeting with and evaluating the clients’ individual needs, we are able to offer many services. We assist our clients with everything from retirement planning to financial management and asset allocation.

The Jefferson Matthews Advantage

Jefferson Matthews Wealth Solutions is a a firm that prides itself on ensuring our clients come first. Our clients are treated like family. We have strong relationships with professionals in all areas to assist our clients with their needs, and we always act with a sense of urgency on behalf of our clients.

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